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im a guy from planet earth n stays in the in a country called singapore...nvr been to a place where there are really hot women....oni been to sydney for a holiday n went to the beach n saw topless women. I saw their boobies!!!i was amazed!hehehe

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.::Monday, January 31, 2005


Ah finally in secondary 1.Its so fun.Met new frens new teachers n others.....!
When it was orientation,i had no idea wat to do....
i didnt even know where to go to hall....ahahhaha
anyway....i was able to find out bcoz my bro helped me out.
for the first week,it was oarientation as i said earliar.
in the first week i got to know the teachers n the staff.they introduced my schools principal Mrs.Wong,Vice principal Mrs. Chan.
i got to know the discipline teachers.
2nd week was time to study....
some of the books havent bought yet...
but i dont care coz i will buy them...
3rd week same thing....
4rth week also same thing....
n it will go on n on........hehehehhehe

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.::Wednesday, December 15, 2004

At the Philipins!!

Woah!!!!Very nice...The best place to go.When i met (grandfather)Lolo n (grandmother)Lola they were crying.i was kinda sad too,just to see Lola bedridden(cant stand,vegetable)yeah...:(
but anyway i helped her ,i massage her help her get water .....i try to understand wat she is saying to me in bisaya(one of the language in the philipines)......when she tells me something very funny she laughs n i like to see her laugh.....
n i also like to see Lolo laugh too.
but the best thing tat i like is too play around wit the chickens!

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.::Wednesday, October 13, 2004

for further announcement

Don't type
this one don't type to see my blog

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Finally finished PSLE

FINALLY FINISHED MY PSLE . NOW I FEEL VERY RELAXED N WANNA PARTY ALL DAY LONG!'heheheh'ok now to serious buisness!... now I can keep on playing n do all kinds of stuff!n when the holidays I'm gonna change my hair style ....u will see... :) to my fav. testi....
i like to thank everyone who has been supporting me "I GUESS" n i hope tat my results will turn out to be good....n i wanna thank my family n my frens!
n now i maybe going to sec 1!!!tat will be like starting a WHOLE NEW ERA dude...i also pray for those who r also taking PSLE n my frens tat they will pass it!!!
:) thank u guys!

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.::Monday, September 06, 2004

Todays events III

n after the whole extra lessons.....i went to a street soccer court n played there....n my fre n said we go under my block n play there....i said we went...we played n it started raining....i was stuck there 3 to 5 pm...oh man ....i said to myself ...i dont care if i get wet or hurt went home....i got drenched n was covered wit mud on my face!!so i took a bath n clean myself n dressed up.....n now im using the computer ......hehehe


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Todays events II

When i reached skool....i went to my class n saw my class mates.....they told u got do ur hw or my teacher will scold us !!my teacher is one crouching tiger hidden dragon....she can scold u until ur hurt so badly in ur heart!!!woohoh!!n we started doing our revision......after tat class ....the whole P6 chinese/tamil students will have MT classes...but luckily not go straight to the class,got 30 min break!my frens n i went to a coffeshop n ordered roti prata!!we ate for 20 mins...we were late when we came into the skool....its was 10.30 our MT classes had already started!!bnut me n my fren didnt care ....we just walked up slowly n relaxing our time walking up the staircace!!!n we did pour revision stuff n my same fren had to stay back bcoz we didnt do our revision hw...hehehhe....coz we were the lazy ones in the MT classes...hehehe...n then we had this gal in our MT class who was being called HAMTARO bcoz she likes it but she demands tat whe does'nt...n she scream n shout from the bottem of her heart.....n wohoe!!!tat was scary ....ehehe....aniway she is 1 god damn mentalic gal from woodbridge...hehehe...always cry alot....

to be continued!....

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Todays events I

I woke up it was 7..went to the bathroom...gosh warm water from the shower never felt better thank God 4 the water heater... hehehe..... well let me continue....after having tat magnificent bath... went to my room.. wore my school uniform.. i thought to myself "shit man why do i have to go to skool during the holidays... damn extra lessons"... got out and started fixing my hair with hair gel and stuff (guy stuff)... well since its a holiday lets do a crazy out of this world hairstyle i thought... yeah! my mom's eyes popped out! ur not gonna go to school with that kind of hair .... i marched to my bro's room to wake him up (he is the guy who sends me to skool... i am old enough to go to skool by myself but my mom is paranoid about me havin another accident.. hehehe i was the one who bumped the car.. hehehe...).. ok so my bro got up after a few mins... his eyes stuffed up inside the sockets, face so pale like a zombie... i took my bicycle, he took his.. and we rolled of to skool.....well i said gd bye to him at the skool gate.. off to skool!

to be continued...

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